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“Ottoman Classical Architecture” in the 16th Century and Gaining the “Ottoman identity” in Architecture Thanks to Sinan

Yazan: Ergun BAKAR Introduction Ottoman architecture means the whole areas of activity including the all kinds of construction of Empire. As soon as the Ottoman principality’s turning into a world state had a great importance in world history; creating a new identity known as “Ottoman Classical Architecture” provides different perspectives to …


Nusayri-Alawites and The Ottoman Empire: Fatwas About Nusayriyya and Their Effects On Them

1. Introduction and the Origin of the Nusayriyya Nusayriyya is one of the Shi’i sects whose followers disperse throughout Syria and Western Mediterranean provinces of Turkey such as Adana, Mersin and especially Hatay. Few followers of this ghulat[1] sect also reside in Northern parts of Lebanon. This sect commonly confused with other Shi’i …