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Inclusive Perspectives Of Women In The State Administration: Compare to Pre-Islamic period and After Turkish Republic Period

Abstract It’s a well-known fact that a lot of articles were written on the ‘women isssue’. In this paper I shall examine general perspectives of women in state administration especially the Turkish society. There is usually a perception that politics is about men. Women also play a role in policy-making …

Brexit and EU

European Union and Brexit

Abstract The process of the EU that started with European Coal and Steel Community has expand to European Economic Community and has become the final version European Union based on with economic, politic and cultural integrations in 1 Novermber 1993 through Treaty of Maastricht. The organization which started six founder …

tesadüfen power and interdependence

The Essence of Power and Interdependence

Introduction The understanding of power and dependence or interdependence can be described as complexity of international relations, while explaining the interactions among states. To understand and notice the importance of this term is essential for defining the interdependence, how it compounds and expands around states. In the past, military power …